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January 6, 2017 1:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Sir Winston Churchill

Living in moderation is an important part of balancing our health and wellness. When we make moderate changes to our physical, social and spiritual habits we begin to find out that true contentment is often reachable and sustainable. Though mountain top experiences are a blessed part of life, seeking after them as a way of life can ultimately lead to unhealthy extremes with crushing valleys in between.

If it could be this simple, living a life of balance could almost be the answer to life’s troubles, couldn’t it? Too much of this and not enough of that is a large part of what gets us into trouble. Too much junk food, not enough healthy food. Too much TV, not enough exercise. Too much shopping, not enough saving. Too busy, not enough family time. Too stressed, not enough R&R. Too much, too little, need more, not enough….ahhhhhh! As if that’s not enough, even good things can become unhealthy if they consume us obsessively.

I think we can all agree the bottom line is that we struggle with moderation! Extreme’s, although challenging, can somehow seem easier at times (in a short term sense, let’s not get carried away here!).

So, now that we have recognized our real problem is not necessarily the task at hand but rather, moderation, why not try it today?


  • ONE spoonful more of those veggies on your plate instead of that dinner roll.
  • Park your car ONE LANE further away from your destination to get some extra walking in your day.
  • Turn off your device for ONE HALF HOUR, go outside, smell the air, touch the grass. Take it all in. Be fully “plugged in” to your family. Reconnect with your physical world.
  • Exchange that refill of your typical beverage choice with ONE cup of water.
  • Watch ONE less TV show.
  • Buy ONE less outfit.
  • Donate ONE thing to someone who could use it more than you.
  • Read ONE chapter of the Good Book you keep putting off.

And one more thing…when you mess up¬†because we all do…remember it’s not final! Muster the courage to continue at all costs!

Thanks for the life lesson Churchill and Calvin (a very unlikely duo indeed)!

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