Better Things Ahead!

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Feeling the post-holiday blues? That odd space in time between Christmas and New Years where one can’t figure out whether to gear down or ramp up? 

Don’t beat yourself up! Its common to have a sort of vacant stare or even a feeling of emptiness after a season of anticipation and business. Let the good memories from the holidays linger and the not so good ones fad away as you begin to incorporate movement toward normalcy back into your life. 

In case you wondered, there are ways to help with this!

1. Get back to a scheduled routine as soon as possible. Fight the urge to stay up late and sleep in too long. You will start to feel more normal once your internal clock is ticking to its regular schedule. Take care, your body needs TLC too.

2. The KISS principle: “Keep It Simple Stupid” of course, dear readers, you are certainly not stupid but the acronym is a helpful way to remember that minimizing goes a long way towards our daily sense of sanity! Take inventory, what can you do without?

3. Make purposeful choices – now is your chance to stay out of ‘auto-pilot’ mode as you re-enter regular every day life! Take notice, everything you engage in requires priceless time and energy.

Isn’t it interesting that in our already ‘too busy’ lives, we were able to make room for the hustle and bustle of Christmas? Any other time of the year we would likely say there’s just no time to add anything else! Gym time? No way! Time spent on a health check ups? You must be kidding?! Do you see my list of To Do’s?!

Perhaps a fraction of the time displaced with Christmas preparations could be invested in a few small choices that could make a big difference?

While we’re at it, is it time for your annual check up? Give us a call, its kind of our speciality! 

Rancho Paseo Medical Group 951-769-0079

Remember the wise words of C.S.Lewis, “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. There are far better things ahead then any we leave behind.”

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